Book Review: Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero

Girl on Point - Cheryl Guerriero

I love being surprised by a book, often I’m intrigued by a synopsis but I’m unsure if the book will deliver all that I hoped – Girl on Point delivered!

Book Description:

Alexandra Campbell’s life comes to a crashing halt the night her younger sister is killed during a convenience store robbery. Shattered by guilt, Alex distances herself from her friends and family. Months later, with the police investigation stalled, she fears justice may never be served.

Determined to avenge her sister’s murder, Alex disguises herself and joins the gang responsible for the shooting. To identify the one who pulled the trigger, she must put her own life at risk in a world of dangerous criminals. But the longer she plays her new game, the more the lines blur between loyalty and betrayal. Continue reading “Book Review: Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero”


Short Story Sunday: The Stoner Stories by Frank Westworth

The Stoner Stories by Frank Westworth.jpg

Short Story Sunday returns with The Stoner Stories – a collection of five short stories and a quick standalone thriller. The book description will give a brief overview of the book and then under the synopsis of each short story, I’ll very briefly outline my thoughts, concluding this review with my overall thoughts on this book as a whole.

Book Description:

An action-packed anthology featuring covert operative JJ Stoner, who uses sharp blades, blunt instruments and his innate persuasiveness to discreetly resolve tricky situations for the British government This collection contains the first five Stoner short stories plus an all-new, previously unpublished stand-alone quick thriller and other bonus material.

Please note that the Stoner stories are intended for an adult audience and contain explicit scenes of a sexual and/or violent nature.

This anthology introduces characters from the JJ Stoner/Killing Sisters series in six stand-alone stories. You don’t need to have read the full length novels: you can start right here if you like. Continue reading “Short Story Sunday: The Stoner Stories by Frank Westworth”

June 2017 #WrapUp

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, guess what…. this month has been my best reading month EVER! I channelled my inner Clues and Reviews and read a total of 24 books! I know some of you read that every month but I usually read about 10 – 14 books a month so for me this is a BIG deal! And, bar two book club reads and a buddy read with Zuky @ BookBum, they were all review copies. So, without further ado, let’s look at my month in books and then we’ll look at what the bookish future holds for Keeper of Pages…

The Good:

The standout reads of the month were …well, this is significantly harder than it usually is… – but, after much deliberation, I managed to narrow it down to these four:

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#BookHaul: June 2017

I know the question you’re dying to ask me… last month I placed myself on a book buying ban, so, naturally, you want to know – did I buy any books? No, I did not! But don’t congratulate me just yet because I did pre-order a book. Not just any old pre-order but a signed hardback with sprayed edged! Not only am I super excited for this books release [in September], this is also the most amount of money, I have ever, in my 28 years of living, spent on a book but it was so worth it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I pre-ordered the second book in the Nevernight Chronicle:

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

Godsgrave - Jay Kristoff.jpg Continue reading “#BookHaul: June 2017”

Book Review: The Magpies by Mark Edwards

The Magpies by Mark Edwards

This month Criminally Good Book Club voted to read The Magpies by Mark Edwards, a psychological thriller about neigbours from hell! If you read along with us this month or have read this book previously we’ll be discussing this book on 2nd July over on Instagram.

From the back cover:

When Jamie and Kirsty move into their first home together, they are full of optimism. The future, in which they plan to get married and start a family, is bright. The other residents of their building seem friendly too, including the Newtons, a married couple who welcome them to the building with open arms.

But then strange things start to happen. Dead rats are left on their doorstep. They hear disturbing noises, and much worse, in the night. After Jamie’s best friend is injured in a horrific accident, Jamie and Kirsty find themselves targeted by a campaign of terror.

As they are driven to the edge of despair, Jamie vows to fight back—but he has no idea what he is really up against . . .

The Magpies is a gripping psychological thriller in which the monsters are not vampires or demons but the people who live next door. It is a nightmare that could happen to anyone. Continue reading “Book Review: The Magpies by Mark Edwards”