Reviews by Author A-L


Abbs, Annabel – The Joyce Girl

Adams, Michelle – My Sister

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Americanah

Adeyemi, Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha #1)

Ahlborn, Ania – Brother

Ahlborn, Ania – The Devil Crept In

Amphlett, Rachel – Sacred To Death (Detective Kay Hunter #1)

Amphlett, Rachel – Will To Live (Detective Kay Hunter #2)

Amphlett, Rachel – One To Watch (Detective Kay Hunter #3)

Amphlett, Rachel – Hell To Pay (Detective Kay Hunter #4)

Amphlett, Rachel – Call To Arms (Detective Kay Hunter #5)

Arlidge, M.J. – Eeny Meeny (DI Helen Grace #1)

Ashdown, Isabel – Little Sister


Baart, Nicole – Little Broken Things

Bacigalupi, Paolo – The Water Knife

Backman, Fredrik – The Scandal (also titled ‘Beartown’)

Bardugo, Leigh – Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons #1)

Bardugo, Leigh – Six of Crows

Barker, J.D. – The Fourth Monkey (Detective Sam Porter #1)

Barton, Fiona – The Widow

Bauer, Belinder – The Beautiful Dead

Bauer, Belinda – Snap

Blanchard, Alice – A Breath After Drowning

Beard, Susanna – Dare to Remember

Beck, Haylen – Here and Gone

Berry, Lucinda – Phantom Limb

Beverly, Bill – Dodgers

Bishop, Lauren – Bleeding Heart (mini review)

Bitto, Emily – The Strays

Bjork, Samuel – I’m Travelling Alone (Munch and Krüger #1)

Bjork, Samuel – The Owl Always Hunts at Night (Munch and Krüger #2)

Blackhurst, Jenny – The Foster Child

Bolton, Sharon – Daisy in Chains

Bolton, Sharon – The Craftsman

Bouchard, Roxanne – We Were the Salt of the Sea

Bristow, Su – Sealskin [audiobook review]

Broadribb, Steph – Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson #1)

Brodie, Alison – Zenka

Brown, Liam – Broadcast

Bryant, Anabelle – The Den of Iniquity (The Bastards of London #1)

Bryndza, Robert – Dark Water (DCI Erika Foster #3)

Bryndza, Robert – Last Breath (DCI Erika Foster #4)

Bryndza, Robert – Cold Blood (DCI Erika Foster #5)

Bryndza, Robert – Deadly Secrets (DCI Erika Foster #6)

Buist, Anne – Medea’s Curse (Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist #1)

Buist, Anne – Dangerous to Know (Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist #2)

Burnet, Graeme Macrae – His Bloody Project

Burns, Catherine – The Visitors


Caine, Rachel – Stillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake #1)

Caine, Rachel – Killman Creek (Stillhouse Lake #2)

Cameron, Graeme – Normal

Campbell, Michele – It’s Always The Husband

Capote, Truman – Other Voices, Other Rooms

Carpenter, Emily – The Weight of Lies

Castillo, Mary – Lost in the Light (Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series #1)

Castillo, Mary – Lost in Whispers (Dori O. Paranormal Mystery Series #2)

Chirovici, E.O. – The Book of Mirrors

Clare, Alex – He’s Gone (DI Robyn Bailley #1)

Cleave, Paul – Trust No One

Cockburn, Lee – Devil’s Demise

Cole, Daniel – Ragdoll (Detective William Fawkes #1)

Cole, Daniel – Hangman (Detective William Fawkes #2)

Cotterell, T.A. – What Alice Knew

Crouch, Blake – Abandon

Crouch, Blake – Dark Matter

Cummins, Fiona – Rattle


Danielewski, Mark Z. – House of Leaves

Dazieri, Sandrone – Kill the Father (Torre and Caselli #1)

Dazieri, Sandrone – Kill the Angel (Torre and Caselli #2)

Dean, Will – Dark Pines (Tuva Moodyson #1)

Delaney, J.P – The Girl Before

Denfeld, Rene – The Child Finder

Dionne, Karen – The Marsh King’s Daughter

Donlea, Charlie – The Girl Who Was Taken

Doughty, Louise – Black Water


Edwards, Mark – The Magpies

Ellison, J.T. – Lie To Me

Ellwood, Nuala – My Sister’s Bones

Ensor, Jennie – Blind Side

Engel, Amy – The Roanoke Girls

Enger, Thomas – Cursed (Henning Juul #4)

Enger, Thomas – Killed (Henning Juul #5)

Eskens, Allen – The Life We Bury


Ferencik, Erica – The River at Night

Finn, A. J. – The Woman in the Window

Fisher, Clare – All the Good Things

Flint, Emma – Little Deaths

Fortune, Jan – This is the End of the Story

Fountain, N. J. – Painkiller

Fowles, John – The Collector

Fraser-Sampson, Guy – Death in Profile (Hampstead Murders #1)

Fraser-Sampson, Guy – Miss Christie Regrets (Hampstead Murders #2)

Frear, Caz – Sweet Little Lies

Fuks, Ladislav – The Cremator


Gardiner, Meg – Unsub (Unsub #1)

Gardiner, Meg – Into the Black Nowhere (Unsub #2)

Gratz, Alan – Refugee

Guerriero, Cheryl – Girl on Point

Gustawsson, Johana – Block 46 (Roy & Castells #1)

Gyasi, Yaa – Homegoing


Hall, Lisa – Between You and Me (Guest Review)

Hamdy, Adam – Pendulum (Pendulum Trilogy #1)

Hamdy, Adam – Freefall (Pendulum Trilogy #2)

Hamer, Kate – The Doll Funeral

Hammersley, Heleyne – Closer to Home

Hammesfahr, Petra – The Sinner

Hamilton, Karen – The Perfect Girlfriend

Harper, Elodie – The Binding Song

Harper, Jane – The Dry (Aaron Falk #1)

Harper, Jane – Force of Nature (Aaron Falk #2)

Harris, Joanne – Different Class

Hawley, Noah – Before the Fall

Hay, L. V. – The Other Twin (mini review)

Heaberlin, Julia – Paper Ghosts

Hendricks, Greer & Pekkanen, Sarah – The Wife Between Us

Henry, Christina – Lost Boy

Hickie, Amanda – Before This Is Over

Hiekkapelto, Kati – The Humming Bird (Anna Fekete #1)

Higashino, Keigo – Journey Under the Midnight Sun

Hill, Joe – NOS-4R2

Hill, Joe – The Fireman

Holahan, Cate – Lies She Told

Honeyman, Gail – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Hope, Anna – The Ballroom

Howells, Debbie – The Death of Her

Hunter, Cara – Close to Home (DI Adam Fawley #1)


Isaac, Jane – Before It’s Too Late (DI Will Jackman #1)

Isaac, Jane – Beneath The Ashes (DI Will Jackman #2)

Isaac, Jane – The Lies Within (DI Will Jackman #3)


James, Ed – The Hope That Kills (DI Simon Fenchurch #1)

James, Ed – Worth Killing For (DI Simon Fenchurch #2)

James, Maggie – The Second Captive

James, Maggie – Sister, Psychopath

Jennings, Kerensa – Seas of Snow

Jeong, You-Jeong – The Good Son

Jewell, Lisa – I Found You

Jewell, Lisa – Then She Was Gone

John, Justine – Gilding the Lily

Johnson, Katharine – The Silence

Johnson, Tyrell – The Wolves of Winter

Jonasson, Ragnar – The Darkness (Hidden Iceland #1)


Kanon, Joseph – Defectors

Katsu, Alma – The Hunger

Kay, Sanjida – The Stolen Child

Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites

Keogh, Valerie – That One May Smile (Garda West #1)

King, Stephen – It

King, Stephen – Under the Dome

Kirk, Shannon – Method 15/33

Klefstad, Dan – Shepherd & the Professor (mini review)

Kristoff, Jay – Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1)

Kurniawan, Eka – Beauty is a Wound


Lackberg, Camilla – The Ice Princess (Patrick Hedstrom & Erica Falck #1)

Land, Ali – Good Me Bad Me (mini review)

Lapena, Shari – The Couple Next Door

Lapena, Shari – A Stranger in the House

La Plante, Lynda – Tennison (Tennison #1)

La Plante, Lynda – Hidden Killers (Tennison #2)

Largercrantz, David – The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium #5)

Laws, Peter – Purged (Matt Hunter #1)

Lemaitre, Pierre – Three Days and a Life

Lepucki, Edan – Woman No. 17

Lewis, Beth – The Wolf Road

Lloyd, Amy – The Innocent Wife

Lotz, Sarah – The White Road

Lucius, Walter – Butterfly on the Storm (Heartland Trilogy #1)