Mini Review x 2: When We Go Missing by Kristen Twardowski // Shepherd & the Professor by Dan Klefstad

Today, I bring you mini reviews for two books I’ve read recently, one I really enjoyed, the other – not so much. They’re also books that I found quite hard to review in great length due to fear of spoilers; so I opted for mini spoiler-free reviews instead.

When We Go Missing by Kristen Twardowski

When We Go Missing - Kristen Twardowski

Book Description:

Once, Alex Gardinier was a successful physical therapist and a happy wife. Now she is trapped in a crumbling hospital room. Seven years ago Alex’s ex-husband, Nathan, was convicted of murdering five girls, and he has been rotting in prison ever since. Except the doctors say that Nathan isn’t in prison. In fact, they don’t believe that he is a criminal at all. According to them, Nathan is a devoted husband who visits her every week. But Alex can’t recall ever seeing him at the hospital, and the last time they met he was holding her hostage on a boat.

Maybe the doctors are right – maybe these memories of his crimes are her own personal delusions – but if they are wrong, then Nathan somehow escaped from prison. If they are wrong, he has trapped Alex in a psychiatric ward.

If they are wrong, he is hunting her sister. Continue reading “Mini Review x 2: When We Go Missing by Kristen Twardowski // Shepherd & the Professor by Dan Klefstad”


Short Story Sunday: The Caretaker by Dan Klefstad

This week’s short story has been on my radar ever since I read the opening on Kerry @ Chat About Books blog. The Caretaker is a fresh take on a vampire tale.

Short Story Description:

There’s no “official blurb” for this one but I can do one better, you can read this short story for yourself right here at Crack the Spine Literary Magazine.

My Thoughts:

This story is told in the form of a letter; Daniel is retiring from his role of “Caretaker”, a job that involves some risky work but with a salary that will set you up for life! The letter details the role and Daniel passes along some of his experiences on the job to his successor. What follows is a creepy tale of life working for a vampire. Continue reading “Short Story Sunday: The Caretaker by Dan Klefstad”